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Expectations and When to meet with a Counselor

Common reasons Students Meet with a Counselor

Counseling can be helpful whenever someone wants assistance in coping with life's challenges. Below are some general guidelines for determining when counseling may be particularly appropriate:

  • You are experiencing a hard time “fitting in” and feel lonely
  • You are feeling “stressed out” and it is negatively impacting your relationships or academics
  • You are working hard but not getting the grades you want
  • You are having a tough time getting along with your roommate(s)
  • You are struggling to choose a major that interests you
  • You are unhappy on most days and feel a sense of hopelessness
  • You worry excessively and are constantly on edge
  • You are unable to concentrate on your schoolwork and other activities
  • You are unable to sleep at night and/or constantly feel tired
  • You have experienced a change in your appetite and/or your weight
  • You have experienced a loss (e.g., a relationship breakup, a death of a friend or family member)
  • You have increased your use of alcohol or other drugs (including cigarettes)
  • You feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life
  • You are having thoughts about hurting yourself (or someone else)  


General Expectations

Appointments are typically scheduled once per week or once every two weeks for 45 minutes per session.  The first 2-3 sessions are an assessment of your needs to help us jointly determine if our setting or another setting is the best to meet your needs.  If it is decided that an outside provider will best meet your needs, the CCSD will work closely with you to help find a private mental health provider.

The Center for Counseling and Student Development does not perform court-mandated assessments or Learning Disability Assessments.  Counselors can evaluate your use of effective learning strategies and help you decide if testing for a learning disability seems appropriate.

The Center for Counseling and Student Development practices a short-term or brief therapy model.  Under this framework students may meet with a counselor up to 8 sessions per semester with a maximum of 16 sessions in one year.  Your active participation in the counseling process is necessary for progress; therefore attendance at all scheduled sessions is important.  You are expected to give us 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  Should you fail to keep your appointment and do not call to cancel, we will no longer keep that hour available for you and it will count as one of your sessions.  This decision does not prohibit you from returning to CCSD in the future and rescheduling your appointment.