Grads: What They Are Doing Now

 Tara Heffernan, Class of 2009

American Studies Field Award

College Honors Fellow

Thesis (College Honors Program):  "American Teen: Finding Her Place Among the Words"

Tara is currently Assistant Director of Admissions at Siena College and earning a certificate in Non-Profit Management & Leadership in the graduate Public Administration program at the University at Albany. 


Megan Dobbins, Class of 2008

College Honors Fellow
“Soldier First, Female Always: How Modern Warfare is
Affecting Gender Roles and American Society

Megan is an Army Officer currently stationed in Afghanistan. 
I have her permission to publish part of an Email sent in October 2009

". . . Nothing I had done in my life and no preparation, officer's training, or just plain luck could make the job any easier.  I truly work with some great Soldiers and selfless Americans, but the challenge of getting people to follow your lead not because you demand it or your rank assists it, but more so because you want them to not want to let you down, is different in practice than in preach.  . . .

. . . I am truly enjoying this experience and am extremely proud to serve my country.  Plus, I am learning a lot about my Senior Thesis, in as far as women being allowed the same opportunities as men....which definitely doesn't happen (especially in [my] Airborne Division).  I will save those experiences for my future book someday (which I am already working on!).  I look forward to some good intellectual conversations upon my return about these things!  Please send my warmest regards to the Siena Faculty, ROTC, and swim team if you happen to pass by them.  On behalf of my fellow Soldiers, we thank you for your support and prayers.  It is certainly going to be a long, challenging, and life-changing year away from home but knowing that I have support from home makes things a little easier.  . . .Many thanks for everything you have done to inspire me throughout my time at Siena.  God Bless until we are reunited when I get back next August!"
UPDATE:  January 2010:  Megan is still in Afghanistan.  She has been promoted to 1st Lt., is Brigade Signals Intelligence Officer, and shaking things up for women in the U.S. Army.  Go Megan! 

John Harder, Class of 2008 

John delivered a version of his senior thesis, “Watergate & UFOs: Is the Truth Out There?,” at the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) Meeting in San Francisco, April 2008.

 Distinguished Military Graduate- Awarded to Cadets who are ranked in the top 20% of all Cadets in the United States.

 U.S. Army Historian Award-Awarded by the U.S. Army to Cadets who show a proficiency for U.S Military History

 John Harder is an Army Officer whose career field is the Adjutant General's Corp.  He has served as the Executive and Operations Officer of the Albany Military Entrance Processing Station and is now currently the 501st Ordnance Battalion's Human Resource Staff Officer in Schenectady, New York.


Tim Hannigan, Class of 2008

American Studies Field Award Recipient,

Senior Class President

Thesis: “’You Have the Right’: Miranda v. Arizona: The Case that Revolutionized Criminal Law in America.”

 Tim is currently attending the University of Buffalo Law School


Laura Sherin, Class of 2008

Senior Thesis (College Honors Program):  "Red Carpet Ethics: Celebrities’ Role as a Moral Barometer for Modern American Society."   Laura is currently an account coordinator for Wishbone-ITP, a pharmaceutical advertising agency, and living in New York City.


Whitney Tarella 

American Studies Field Award Recipient

College Honors Fellow

Thesis:  “New Woman, New South: Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett O’Hara, and the ‘New Woman’ of the 1920s.”

Whitney graduated from Siena College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and English.  Her experience at Siena, particularly writing her honors thesis  greatly prepared her for her next academic endeavor.  After graduation, she enrolled in the Master of Arts in History program at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, which she completed in 2009.  Her thesis, "Beyond the Noose: Italian Immigrants in Late Nineteenth Century New Orleans," is currently in the publication process.  Whitney now lives in Charleston, South Carolina, where we she works as a commissioning editor for the History Press.


Tim Stockwell, Class of 2006

Tim Stockwell is attending Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY, based out  of Roberts Wesleyan College, as well as substitute teaching while he completes his graduate studies. 

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