Office of Community Living

Summer Housing

Summer Housing

Siena College offers summer housing to students based upon the criteria listed below.  Padua Hall is the location of 2015 Summer Housing.  Padua Hall offers triple-occupancy rooms with private baths.  General questions about summer housing not answered below can be directed to the Office of Community Living by calling 518-783-2919 or emailing


Students are allowed to request college housing during the summer if they fall under one of the following categories:

1.    Employed 35 hours on campus, verified by the appropriate college office.

2.    Enrolled in two or more summer courses at Siena College.

3.    Employed for 20 hours per week (on- or off-campus) and enrolled in one summer class at  Siena College.   

4    Student - athletes as approved by the Athletics Department.

5.   Participant in an approved Siena College Internship Program.                     

Note: The internship may be for credit or if not for credit, directly relevant to the student’s major or career, or other specialized program, such as Bonner Service Leaders. For the latter, the faculty advisor or appropriate Siena College representative must provide confirmation to the Office of Community Living. To be eligible for summer housing based on an internship only, it must reflect 35 hours of work per week. If the internship does not meet the 35 hours/wk requirement, a student must be enrolled in another summer course at Siena College or be employed on or off  campus for 20 hours per week. He / she will then be eligible to request on-campus housing.

6.  Participant in the Summer Research Program / Siena Summer Scholar Program /approved Independent Study.

Note: To be eligible for summer housing, students in research programs and independent studies must reflect 35 hours/week in the specific program (confirmation must be submitted by the faculty advisor to the Office of Community Living). If the research // service program / independent study does not meet the 35 hours/wk requirement, a student must be enrolled in another course at Siena College or be employed on or off campus for 20 hours per week. He / she will then be eligible to reside on campus.

How to Register:

All students requesting Summer Housing are to submit a housing request to the Office of Community Living.  Requests are submitted online at  The deadline to request summer housing is April 17, 2015   Summer housing will be offered on a space available basis.  If a student meets the eligibility requirements it does not imply a guarantee of housing.  Students are not required to live on campus during the summer.  Priority for housing will be based upon the date a student submits the application.  

Upon the completion of the academic Summer Session, or when the courses / internship / research activities are completed, all students are required to vacate college housing.  Summer housing concludes for all students on Saturday, August 1, 2015.  Any request to remain in summer housing after the initial requested dates should be addressed to the Office of Community Living

Housing and Meal Plans Costs and Billing: 

Students who are granted summer housing have three housing/meal plan options from which to choose.  Charges are based upon on a weekly rate (Sunday - Saturday) and billed at the beginning of the summer for the time period indicated on a student's application. If a student arrives or departs housing during the week, he / she will continue to incur charges for the entire week’s billing period . 

Students are not be allowed to cook in the residence halls. Meal service is provided by Sodexo dining services and location/hours will be listed when avaialble.  

Summer housing rate options for summer 2015 are as follows:

  • $130 per week for housing only (no meals are included)
  • $160 per week for housing and 5 meals per week
  • $185 per week for housing and 10 meals per week

Departments may not reimburse students for summer housing and/or meal plan costs or pay these costs directly, except for those students already identified in the “Student Employment Policy.” Please note that for Summer Research students, the cost of their housing / meal benefit is considered taxable compensation. All inquiries for housing / meal charges which fall under the “Student Employment Policy” must be directed to the Associate Director / Coordinator of Student Accounts in the Office of Business Affairs. The policy is available for review at  

Microfridge Rental Program:

Community Living is again partnering with the Refrigerator Leasing Company to make microfridge rentals available during the summer.  

If you are interested in renting a micofridge for the summer please contact the Refrigerator Leasing Company directly by calling them at 607-431-9525 or emailing them at  NOTE: If you wish to carry over a rental from the spring semester, please contact The Refrigerator Leasing Company by phone to transfer your rental to the summer.  You will not need to complete the online form to continue renting your micofridge unit.

Rates for the summer microfridge rentals for summer 2015 are: 

·        4 Week Session: $60

·        6 Week Session: $70

·        8 Week Session: $80

·        Full Summer Rental: $90