Senate Initiatives

 Senate Initiatives


Current/Pending Initiatives

Academic Advising Feedback Survey (in progress)

E-mail Consolidation System (finalizing)

Club Management System (finalizing)

Campus Displays (Nearly complete!)

Musical Mayhem

Campus Clean Up Day

Religious Exemption Policy



Completed Initiatives, Events & Resolutions


Finals out of the ARC

Block Meal Plans

Pep Rally

Student Landing Page Advertising Section for Clubs & Organizations

Residence Hall Administration (RHA)

 Constitutional Review Process

 Campus Calendar

"Serra Hall Talks"

Town Hall Meetings

New Hall Breakfast Negotiations

Fr. Ken Paulli Day

Improved Elections Process



Academic Advising Feedback - Creating a feedback system to enhance the overall academic advising experience, both for students and faculty

E-mail Consolidation System - Exploring the possibility of creating an online system that sends out one weekly e-mail of all events for the week rather than a hundred separate e-mails throughout the week

Club Management System - Researching ways to allow club leaders to access club account budgets, member lists, e-mail, etc. from a centralized location

Residence Hall Administration - Created an organization of residence hall officers that utilize councils more efficiently and use external resources to supplement their work

Constitutional Review Process - Reviewed, analyzed and updated the Senate constitution to reflect changes in policy and adapt to the workings of a dynamic institution

Musical Mayhem - Planned and organized the Battle of the Bands-esque concert to determine who will open for the SienaFest band

Campus Clean Up Day - Planned for the annual clean up day

Finals out of the ARC - Moved finals to more comfortable and test-friendly locations on campus

Block Meal Plans - Created more meal plan options for Townhouse residents. And example of a block meal plan is 75 meals per semester rather than x amount per week.

Pep Rally - Planned and organized a pep rally for our basketball teams

Student Landing Page Advertising Section - Created a section for advertising club and organization events around campus

Campus Calendar - Worked with ITS and administrators to develop a user-friendly and all-inclusive campus calendar on the Siena website

"Serra Hall Talks" - Implemented and set precedence increased communication with Siena students. Involved sitting down with various students in Serra Hall during Free Period to simply listen to the wants and needs of the Siena community. Feedback was used to develop future senate initiatives.

Town Hall Meetings - Set up meetings at various residence halls to reach out to students and gain feedback about current senate initiatives, as well as listen for new ideas.

New Hall Breakfast Negotiations - By meeting with administrative officials overseeing the development of the New Residence Hall, we were able to effectively expedite the process of getting breakfast opportunities to the hall, which was initially planned for Spring 2011.

Improved Elections Process - Analyzing and developing new ways to implement effective elections to increase voter turnout and community participation

Fr. Ken Paulli Day - A resolution passed to recognize the contributions of Fr. Ken Paulli to the Siena community by declaring October 7th Fr. Ken Paulli Day at Siena College.