Budget Allocation Committee (BAC)

Chartering and Club Management (CCM)




Academics: The Academics committee is a standing committee of the Student Senate that is concerned with any academic related issues or ideas raised by the Senate, the student body, or members of administration. It also serves to advise the Student Senate concerning academic or faculty related issues.  

       Co-Chairs: Ariana Tagliaferri and Andrew Murphy




Budget Allocation Committee: The budget allocation committee, also known as the B.A.C. is in charge of providing clubs and organizations with funding every academic year. The committee is comprised of the elected and appointed students, faculty, and administration. 

         Chairperson: Dylan Cirrilla

         Information and Guidelines

         Forms and applications:

                        -Request for Additional Allocations Form 

                        -Yearly Budget Proposal Form


Chartering Club Committee: The Chartering Club Committee (CCM) coordinates, sanctions, and investigates all club/organizations and their activities. CCM is responsible for issuing approval to a petitioning club or organization, as well as the re-approval of outdated constitutions. More Info

        Chairperson: Anthony Bjelke       

         Club & Organization Manual


Community:The Community Committee is a standing committee of the Student Senate that is responsible for Community Life at Siena.  This committee's aim is to make sure that Senate reaches out and is continually working with and for the community through various events and activities.

        Co-Chairs: Barbara Davis and Kulsum Shaikh




Services:The Services committee is a standing committee of the Student Senate that is concerned with any student services on campus and their related issues (i.e. Meal plans, Facilities, etc.) 

        Co-Chairs: Dylan Cirrilla and Sarah Czelusniak 



Note: Please print out all important documents. This webpage is to be used as a resource. Forms and applications need to be handed in on time regardless of website problems, so please make copies ahead of time.