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Academic Advising Mission Statement

Academic Advising Mission Statement


Revised February 2009


Academic Advising is integral to the college’s mission as a learning community as it emphasizes dynamic advisor-student interaction.  Advisors act as mentors and guides in partnerships designed to engage students in the intentional development of strategies to complete their educational goals through the use of college resources.


Advising supports the liberal arts mission of the college through a healthy exchange of ideas outside the classroom, helping students make reasoned choices and informed judgments while assuming responsibility for meeting academic program requirements. 


Both advisor and advisee strive to put the education of the student as the highest priority while being committed to the ideals of Franciscan, liberal arts, and person centered education.




Learning outcomes:

  1. Students will craft a coherent educational plan that is consistent with their abilities, aspirations, interests and values.
    1. Strategies:

                                          i.    Learn about programs

                                         ii.    One-on-one meetings with advisor to develop strategy for completion of degree

                                        iii.    Understand degree requirements and create a plan for completion

                                       iv.    Regularly assess progress toward educational plan


  1. Students will use the resources of the college to set goals, make decisions and, 

accurately interpret college requirements.

1.    Strategies

a.    Learn about study strategies needed for success

b.    Participate in support programming

c.    Attend orientation

d.    Use information on Advising web pages

e.    Use advising planner

f.     Run/read CAPP report