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Advising Meeting Starters

These questions can be used in multiple ways and are as useful to you as you make them.

·         Distribute some or all questions to advisees prior to advising appointment to encourage them to start thinking about these issues BEFORE they meet with you. Can be emailed to advisees who bring them to advising appointment.

·         Use as a starting point in an appointment to begin discussions with students.

Student: ___________________                                                   Date: ___________________

Advisor Name: ___________________                                       Resident? ____ or Commuter? _____


In general, what are the ways that Siena is meeting or not meeting your expectations?

What experiences at Siena have been most rewarding thus far?

What experiences at Siena have been most frustrating?

What have you been spending a lot of time (5+ hours)  on this week?

Which study strategies have you found to be most useful?

Which study strategies have you found to be least effective?

How much time per week have you been reading/studying/partying?

Which campus resources have you used so far?

Which campus resources do you plan to use? 

Have you gotten involved in any extra-curricular activities?

Is there anything you would change about how you began the semester?

If you were to make a single comment about each of your classes, what would it be?

Class #1 ___________________________________________________________

Class #2 ___________________________________________________________

Class #3 ___________________________________________________________

Class #4 ___________________________________________________________

Class #5 ___________________________________________________________


Other questions you have for your advisor?