CSIS-SSX Spreadsheet Competency Exam

All School of Business Students are required to demonstrate a facility in using the Excel2007 spreadsheet application.

All students in the School of Business must meet the Spreadsheet Competency Requirement. This may be accomplished by taking CSIS-010 Microcomputer Applications (3 credit course) or CSIS-011 Problem Solving with Spreadsheets (1 credit course). These courses are offered by the Computer Science Department at Siena College and a transfer student might be able to transfer credit for these courses (contact the School of Business). It is also possible for a student to meet the Spreadsheet Competency Requirement by taking the CSIS-SSX Spreadsheet Competency Exam. This exam is offered to all Business students (and transfer students) at a variety of times during the Fall and Spring semesters. All Business students should seek to meet this requirement during their first year as a School of Business student at Siena College.

How can a student meet the Spreadsheet Competency Requirement?

To meet this requirement, students can do 1 of 3 things:

1. Pass the CSIS-SSX Spreadsheet Competency Exam

Take this exam if you have used the Excel 2007 spreadsheet program and want to know if your background is good enough to "skip" a course that teaches Excel. If you get a grade of lower than 60% on the exam, you must take CSIS010 or CSIS011 in your first year (Fall or Spring semester). Even if you earn a grade higher than 60% on the Excel Competency Exam, you may still choose to take CSIS010 or CSIS011. NOTE: You will not receive course-credit for passing the exam - you will receive course-credit if you take either course.

2. Take CSIS010 or CSIS011 (these courses are described further down on this page) in the fall or spring semester of your first year.

If you do not feel confident using the Excel2007 spreadsheet program, then register for either CSIS010 (a three-credit Introduction to Computer Applications course) or CSIS-011 (a one-credit Problem Solving with Spreadsheets course). Both of these courses have lecture sessions and lab sessions, in which you use Excel). Credits earned for CSIS010 or CSIS011 count as liberal arts/science elective credit for business students. These credits may also be used as part of the Information System Minor.

3. Earn transfer credit for an appropriate course taken at another institution.