Rez Hall Rumbles

About Rez Hall Rumbles: Rules, Regulations, Gaining/Losing Points, etc.


Congratulations to Ryan Hall, the winner of the 2014-2015 Rez Hall Rumbles!!  


Upcoming Events

  • We are finished for the 2014-2015 academic year.  See you in the Fall 2015!


The objective of the Rez Hall Rumble Competition is to create a stronger Siena residential community through friendly competition and encouraging community service between the Residence Halls.


  • Community: The Hall with highest participation in any advertised Rez Hall Rumble event will be awarded RHR points
    • 1st place 50 points
    • 2nd place 30 points
    • 3rd place 10 points
  • Competitions: The winner of any competitions at a RHA co-sponsored event will be awarded RHR points as advertised, subject to change based on the event.
  • Service: Each service trip is 5 points per hall
  • RHA will have forms that will be filled out by the organizer of each trip. This form will be handed in at our office so that their trip can be documented.


Prizes will be given at various RHA events, but two main prizes will be given throughout the year. One after the first semester and one after the second:

  • The first semester prize will be an amount of money that will be given to the winner’s hall council. This money will be given in order to buy a gift for the hall that the residence can enjoy for the second semester
  • The second semester prize is still being worked out. We want to know what the students would like to see happen on the campus and in the residence halls for a main prize.


The scores will be displayed all around campus, on our website, and through email. We will have a 3D display in the SSU in order to show everyone the updated score. Each hall will have an individual display board with their own designs to display their score at all times.