Hall Councils

Fall 2013

Townhouse Council

  • Mayor: Andrew Petitto

  • Ambassador:

  • VP of Operations: Brian Constantino

  • VP of Finance: George Waters

  • VP of Programming: Katelyn Finneran


New Residence Hall Council

  • President:

  • Residence Hall Representative: 

  • VP of Operations:

  • VP of Finance: Jackie Vavoules

  • VP Programming: 


Padua Hall Council

  • President: Klaudia Bouzyk

  • Residence Hall Representative: Luisaidy Espinal

  • VP of Operations: Alexander Cardish

  • VP of Finance: Christine Heaney

  • VP Programming: Michelle Ausejo


Hennepin Hall Council

  • President: Karen Kirker

  • Residence Hall Representative: Lance Krzeminski

  • VP Operations: Petros Lilikas

  • VP Finance: Karen Kirker

  • VP Programming:  Meghan Hanrahan


Plassmann Hall Council

  • President:  Tubokeyi Akanybou

  • Residence Hall Representative: Paige Nestler

  • VP of Operations: Amanda Knipple

  • VP of Finance: Travis Brodbeck

  •  VP Programming: Catherine Cazzari


Hines Hall Council

  • President:  Maggie Liguori

  • Residence Hall Representative: Stephanie Martinez

  • VP of Operations: Desi Otis

  • VP of Finance: Eric Brower

  • VP Programming:  Annmarie Pryor


Ryan Hall Council

  • President:  Dashawn Peterson

  • Residence Hall Representative: Erin Trudeau 

  • VP Operations: Taylor Fadrowski

  • VP Finance: Mary O'Rourke

  • VP Programming:  Amy Polchinski