Revolutionary Era Studies Certificate


Center for Revolutionary Studies


Certificate in Revolutionary Era  Studies (18.00 credits)  
HIST 312 The American Revolution and the Atlantic World
3 cr 
AMST / HIST / ADTV 480 Internship
3 cr 
Elective Area A (Select 1)                                                      3 cr 
HIST 311 North American Colonies and the Atlantic World, 1492-1763 
HIST 313 Antebellum America, 1815-1854  
HIST 340 Latin America: The Colonial Period  
HIST 370 Africa I: Genesis of Modern Africa  
HIST 396 England from 1485-1815  
HIST 401 Colloquium in History (when appropriate)   
HIST 411 Slavery in Historical Perspective  
HIST 415 French Revolution and Napoleon  
HIST 455 The Westward Movement, 1750-1890
HIST 463 U.S. Military History
HIST 465 The Spanish Borderlands
AMST / HIST 485 Topics in Revolutionary America
HIST 499 History Capstone (when appropriate)
Elective Area B (Select 1)                                                               3 cr 
ENGL 310 English Renaissance Literature  
ENGL 315 Literature of the Enlightenment  
ENGL 345 Early American Literature: Encounters, Enlightenment and Election (1500-1820)  
POSC 329 Special Studies in American Politics  
POSC 330 Special Studies in Political Theory   
RELG 300 Topics in Religious Studies  
Electives Area C (Select 2)    6 cr
HIST 401 Colloquium in History (especially service learning & travel courses)   
HIST / AMST 475 Public History   
ENVA 440 Environmental Interpretation  
ENVA 460 GIS: Environmental Applications  
CSIS 010 Intro to Computer Applications  
CSIS 110 Introduction to Computer Science  
CSIS 200 Topics in Computer Science (when appropriate and including GIS introduction and web design introduction)  
MKMG 211 Organization and Management  
MKMG 212 Marketing  
MKMG 113 Business and Organization Communications  
BLAW 200 Legal Environment of Business  







Revolutionary Era Studies Certificate 2010-11