English B.A. with a Certification in English Education '09-'10


B.A. in English (39.000 credits )
with a Certification in English Education
English majors seeking initial teaching certification in grades 7-12

will need to maintain at least a 3.15 in English as well as an overall GPA of 3.0.

ENGL 200 Survey of English Literature I 3 cr.
ENGL 205 Survey of English Literature II 3 cr.

ENGL 213 Survey of American Literature

3 cr.

It is recommended that students take ENGL 200, ENGL 205, and ENGL 213 before the end of their sophomore year, if possible.

ENGL 011 Literary Perspectives                                  OR

ENGL 090 Honors Great Books

3 cr.

ENGL 240 Shakespeare 3 cr.

ENGL 236 Adolescent Literature

3 cr.

Students must also complete one course from the following LTAM courses: 3 cr.
ENGL 345 Early American Literature (1500-1820)
ENGL 350 American Renaissance Literature (1820-1865)
ENGL 355 Realistic Movements in American Literature
ENGL 360 American Literature of the Jazz Age
ENGL 365 Atomic Literature
ENGL 368 Literature of the War in Vietnam
ENGL 370 African American Literature
ENGL 372 Native American Literature
ENGL 374 Asian American Literature

ENGL 376 Latino/a Literature

In addition to these requirements, it is recommended that students take one of the following:
ENGL 310 Early Modern Literature
ENGL 315 Literature of the Enlightenment
ENGL 320 Romantic Literature

ENGL 345 Early American Literature (1500-1820)

Also, students who plan to attend graduate school are recommended to take:

ENGL 400 Literary Criticism

English Educ Major Auxiliary ( 12.000 credits )
WRIT 220 Oral Communication 3 cr.

WRIT 230 History of the English Language

3 cr.

Two semesters ( 6 credits ) in the same foreign language 
These languages include: French, Spanish, German, Latin,

 Russian, Greek, Italian, American Sign Language or Arabic.

6 cr.

English Department

Education Certification ( 28.000 credits )
EDUC 210 Issues in Contemporary American Education 3 cr.
EDUC 260 Educational Psychology 3 cr.

EDUC 261 Foundations in Language and Literacy

3 cr.

After completing these courses, one must apply to the Education Department. Upon
approval, the following courses are required to obtain the certification:

EDUC 461 - Literacy: Middle and High School

3 cr.

The following courses are completed during the semester students participate in student teaching:
EDUC 481 - Instruction in Inclusion Classroom 3 cr.
EDUC 485 - Student Teaching Seminar: The Reflective Practitioner 3 cr.
EDUC 487 - Clinical Experience in Middle School 5 cr.
EDUC 488 - Clinical Experience in High School 5 cr.
EDUC 495 - Drug Alcohol Tobacco Workshop 0 cr.

EDUC 496 - Child Abuse and School Violence Workshop

0 cr.

Education Department