Health Services Adminstration Minor

School of Business

The minor in Health Services Administration is offered as a result of diverse interests in the health care industry today. This minor provides students, regardless of major, with a cohesive core of courses that focus on significant aspects of health care issues in American Society. The program can assist students if they decide upon a career path within some aspect of the broad field of health by making them a more marketable candidate to the work world.

Students interested in the Health Services Administration minor should contact the Assistant Dean in the School of Business (Siena Hall 301) or call (518)783-2321.

Minor in Health Services Administration (18.000 credits)

SOCI 375 - Comparative Health Care Systms

3 cr.

Student must successfully complete one of the following: 3 OR 4 cr.
BIOL 020 - Topics in Human Biology
BIOL 110 - General Biology I

BIOL 130 - Gen Biology IA for Social Sci

PHIL 210 - Ethics                                                                   OR

RELG 360 - Morals and Medicine

3 cr.

FINC 341 - Life and Health Insurance                                       OR

MKMG 332 - Human Resources Management

3 cr.

Student must successfully complete two of the following:  6 cr.
POSC 265 - Public Policy
FINC 422 - Public Finance

BLAW 200 - Legal Environment of Business