English B.A. '09-'10

B.A. in English (39.000 credits)
ENGL 200 Survey of English Literature I 3 cr.
ENGL 205 Survey of English Literature II 3 cr.
ENGL 213 Survey of American Literature 3 cr.
ENGL 011 Literary Perspectives                                  OR

ENGL 090 Honors Great Books

3 cr.

English majors must also complete one course from each of the following sections:

Period course in British or Irish Literature (LTIB) from: 3 cr.
ENGL 240 Shakespeare
ENGL 230 Chaucer
ENGL 305 Elizabethan Literature
ENGL 310 English Renaissance Literature
ENGL 315 Literature of the Enlightenment
ENGL 320 Romantic Literature
ENGL 325 Victorian Literature
ENGL 330 Modern British Writers
ENGL 335 Irish Literary Revival

ENGL 340 Contemporary Irish Literature

Upper-level course in American Literature (LTAM) from: 3 cr.
ENGL 345 Early American Literature (1500-1820)
ENGL 350 American Renaissance Literature (1820-1865)
ENGL 355 Realistic Movements in American Literature
ENGL 360 American Literature of the Jazz Age
ENGL 365 Atomic Literature
ENGL 368 Literature of the War in Vietnam
ENGL 370 African American Literature
ENGL 372 Native American Literature
ENGL 374 Asian American Literature

ENGL 376 Latino/a Literature

Special Topics (LTTP) course from: 3 cr.
ENGL 210 Women in Literature
ENGL 215 Sexuality in Literature
ENGL 220 Literature and the Environment
ENGL 225 Comedy
ENGL 235 Science Fiction
ENGL 236 Adolescent Literature

ENGL 285 Topics in English

Auxiliary ( 6.000 credits )

Two semesters (6 credits) in the same foreign language 
These languages include: French, Spanish, German, Latin,

 Russian, Greek, Italian, American Sign Language, or Arabic.

6 cr.

It is recommended that students take ENGL 200, ENGL 205, and ENGL 213 

before the end of their sophomore year, if possible.