Human Rights at Siena

Siena College is committed to maintaining a community environment that fosters respect for the dignity and worth of each individual. Siena College expects all members of the community to demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

To view the Human Rights Policy and Procedures at Siena online, please use the left side navigation menu.  Please note: * Policy will be under review commencing Fall 2014


Human Rights Committee Meetings for Fall Semester 2014

All meetings are at 12:30 p.m.


Friday, September 19th
Wednesday, October 22nd
Friday, November 14th (Siena Community)
Wednesday, December 10th


Human Rights Committee Members 2014-2015
John L. Bebb, Title IX Coordinator
Caylin Dadeo-Winick Student
Eric Beresheim Student
Olivia Emigh Student
Brandon Melius Student
Roshan Nair Student
Erwin Premchan Student
Katherine Stark Student
Becky Steephenson Student
Mateo Valdivieso Student
Richard Bagnoli, Public Safety Staff
Luann Decotis, Library Staff
Dawn Griffith, Plant Operations Staff
Donna Bulnes, ITS Staff
Timothy Lederman, Computer Science Faculty
Chingyen Mayer, English Faculty
Dean Amadio, Psychology Faculty
Debra DelBelso, Career Center Administration
Shannon O'Neill, Sr. Thea Bowman Center for Women Support
Christa Grant, Damietta Cross Cultural Center Support
Robert Bahny, Office for Students with Disabilities; Veterans Services Support

Michele Paludi, Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Specialist/

Section 504 Coordinator



Bias Related Incidents
Bias related crime does occur on college campuses. Siena College's commitment to diversity and respect, as two of our Franciscan Values, shapes the College's expectation that members of our community will strive to ensure hate and bias related incidents do not happen.

What to do if it Happens - Hate/bias related crimes or incidents, or other emergencies may be reported by dialing Public Safety at ext. 2376 or in an emergency, by dialing 911 or using any of the emergency call boxes located on campus. In addition, incidents may be reported using the Anonymous Crime Tips form. Incidents may be reported to Public Safety, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, or to any College official who, in turn, will take the proper action to notify the appropriate College agency.

Notification to the College Community- Notice of Bias Related Incidents are reported to the College community via email directing faculty, staff and students to a the password protected website. You may view the reports via this link: 

Bias Related Incidents at Siena

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