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 Dr. Laurie Naranch, Director
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Benefits of the Women's Studies Minor

Your Women’s Studies experience at Siena College:
In Women’s Studies classes you will learn about issues pertinent to women and about gender issues shaping the lives of men and women today—topics that are not always included in other courses. Carla Borrelli-Gleason, class of 2003 says: "This minor offers a female perspective, which is still lacking in much of our education."
Women’s Studies is deeply concerned with social justice and equality for all of the diverse members of society. Through guest speakers, service learning projects, and travel courses, you will meet a diverse range of women and girls from the surrounding community and the world---and learn first-hand about their experiences with gender issues.
You will participate in honest, open discussions of  burning contemporary issues affecting women on campus and around the globe. Katie Benway, class of 2001 says: "The classes were inspiring and covered serious topics: small classes and seminars offered each of us a chance to find our own voices and polish our perspectives, and the professors provided the kind of thoughtful, compassionate and brilliant guidance that brings out the best in a student."
You will meet other students committed to issues affecting girls and women. Leah Feldman, class of 2009 says: "In Women’s Studies classes, I created a network of students who shared my passion. I formed lasting friendships and a circle of peers to call on for social justice projects outside of the classroom."
Women’s Studies prepares you for life, graduate school, careers, and community:
This minor augments any major at Siena, providing you with an understanding of how gender issues operate in our lives, and giving you an in-depth awareness of gender diversity and gender equity---crucial issues in the global workplace today. Leah Feldman, class of 2009 says: "In my interview for my recent promotion I was able to bring papers and powerpoints I had created for my Women’s Studies minor to the panel interviewing me, and they were impressed that I had developed my passionate concern about violence-against-women in college."
Graduate programs in many fields will be impressed with the knowledge you have gained in your Women’s Studies minor that provides a firm foundation for your graduate work. Amanda Posson, class of 2006 says: "My work in the Siena Women’s Studies program opened doors for my graduate studies in which I continued researching immigrant women’s work in migrant organizations that send funds to their home countries for rural development projects."
Many public and private employers seek employees committed to human diversity, equality, and human rights. Larri Fish, class of 2003 says: "Today, diversity and acceptance of others is of tremendous value to my employer, and because of the Women’s Studies minor, I have a solid understanding of these issues and I support the work of the Agency through my actions." 
Because Women’s Studies is a field dedicated to working for greater social justice, many of our graduates generously offer their talents and training to their communities. Women’s Studies alumni volunteer with the Girl Scouts, the YWCA, GLBT Centers, help women in crisis at domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers, provide legal services to women in need, and serve on the boards of women’s organizations. Sarah Brinski, class of 2003 says: "Women’s Studies opened my eyes to the problems that women faced and motivated me to help!" Women’s Studies alumni are shining examples of the Siena College Franciscan values.