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 Dr. Laurie Naranch, Director
      Office: Siena Hall 427
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Capstone Seminar: Body Politics

Rachel Stein, Director of Women’s Studies:

This upper-level seminar serves as the capstone course for the Women’s Studies minor. Using an assortment of feminist studies of the body, we focus on cultural/social interpretations of the female body across cultures and time periods. What impact have these ever-shifting historical, cultural, scientific interpretations of women’s bodies had on individual women and the societies and cultures they inhabit? Topics include: changing interpretations of girls’ bodies, appearance, health, eating, sexuality, media, cosmetic surgery, reproduction, and others. Students participate actively in class discussion, complete a creative project and a research project, and participate in a group activist/service project. The highlight of this course is the honest, thoughtful discussion about the treatment of women’s bodies in our culture and around the world.

Body Politics Capstone Seminar
Body Politics Capstone Seminar Body Politics Capstone Seminar
Body Politics seminar creative projects