Mission and Learning Goals

The American Studies Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the American experience. The ability to examine a single question through the lenses of history, literature, sociology, political science, psychology, religious studies, popular culture, and other relevant disciplines offers students a uniquely deep and insightful method of study and understanding. Graduates possess deep insight into American life and are capable of cogent research, critical analysis, and clear expression. 

The aims of the American Studies Program are 1) to instill in students an comprehension of, and appreciation for, the multifaceted meanings of American culture and experience, inspiring a life of informed reflection and positive action, and 2) to prepare students for positions in business, education, communications, or government, or for entrance into graduate programs. The interdisciplinary, multimedia approach of American studies equips majors with a high level of information literacy, one of the hallmarks of a twenty-first century education.