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Governance in Technology Committee


The Governance of Information Technology is needed to perform an alignment and linkage between the goals and objections of the Institution and IT service and resources needed to meet those goals. The purpose of this policy, i.e. the GIT Committee, is to establish a uniform and integrated structure for considering information technology matters in order to:
(1) advise the President and the Cabinet in making executive-level strategic management decisions involving information technology;
(2) set directions and priorities for information technology and related resource allocations in a timely manner;
(3) develop or approve policies and procedures that will be implemented by ITS;
(4) establish a mechanism for overseeing the implementation of strategic and tactical technology plans.



Governance of IT procedures include the following:

  • Establishing a shared vision of how information technology can add value to the institution;
  • Establishing information technology goals, and the strategies for achieving those goals;
  • Establishing principles and guidelines for making information technology decisions and managing initiatives;
  • Overseeing the management of institutional information technology initiatives;
  • Providing a vehicle through which members of the end user community participate in information technology planning and decision-making;
  • Establishing and communicating institutional information technology priorities;
  • Determining information technology priorities in resource allocation;
  • Establishing, amending and retiring, as necessary, institutional information technology and other technology related policies
  • Compliance: determine a risk assessment which reflects the college’s risk compliance landscape and risk management plan.
Responsibilities of the Governance Committee
  • Review and recommend to the Cabinet an Information Technology Strategic Plan, coordinated with the University’s strategic planning process;
  • Review and approve annual tactical plans, work plans, and time-frames developed by the CIO to guide implementation of the Strategic Plan;
  •  Make recommendations to the Cabinet the allocation of University financial resources to enable approved plans and their associated budgets;
  • Review and recommend to the Cabinet appropriate administrative policies and procedures recommended by the ITGC and its subcommittees;
  • Resolve information technology issues referred to the Committee by its Subcommittees, and make recommendations for resolution on such matters to the Cabinet, as appropriate;
  • Set priorities for information technology endeavors and recommend such to the Cabinet for approval;
  • Ensure an annual evaluation of the institution’s effectiveness in implementing its strategic plan for information technology; and
  • Provide guidance to the Office of Information Technology on the implementation of ITGC decisions.