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Google Migration progress and more Phishing attacks

Siena Community,
Two weeks ago I sent you a message about our impending transition to Google Apps for Education.  I can now give you some more details. Once again, I apologize for the long message but it IS important.
First of all, as I and other ITS staff send you email about this process we will never send you an embedded link to a site where you might log-in. Siena continues to be a target for Phishing attacks and we continue to deal with many compromised accounts. You should NEVER click on a link in an email message unless you are absolutely positive it is legitimate. And then you should think again and double-check. You will always be able to get the most current information about the Google transition along with the text of my announcements and any needed links, by going to the ITS website, available from either the “Current Students” or the “Faculty & Staff” tabs on the main page of the Siena website. Documentation on things like using Outlook with Google Apps will also be posted there as we get things ready.
We strongly suspect that many Siena user accounts have been compromised over the last few months and not used yet by the cyber-criminals. Changing your password will lock the bad guys out as well as prepare your account for eventual log-in to Google Apps.  We are creating a new PASSWORD CHANGE WEB PAGE and when it is ready we will let you know and you will find a link to that page on the ITS website as described above.  The new PASSWORD CHANGE PAGE will allow you to set up security questions so that in the future you’ll be able to reset your own password if you forget it.  YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD before using Google Apps after the transition. Once the PASSWORD CHANGE PAGE is ready to go we will be strongly encouraging everyone to change their password before the end of the semester.
In my last message I said that Student email accounts would be migrated to Google over the Winter Recess. We are now targeting the first week of January for that change. We feel that it would be best to migrate the students when we are in the office available to respond to support requests.
Migration of Faculty and Staff accounts is still planned to occur gradually between January and March or April. We are now ready to take volunteers to be early Faculty and Staff adopters. If you would like to be an early adopter, please let me know by email in the next couple of weeks. We will migrate the early adopters in mid-November. We are looking for a diverse group of users and will expect those people to provide feedback on their experience and be available to us to help us make the transition easier for the bulk of the Siena community.
Mark Berman