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Warning about Boston Marathon e-mails from unknown individuals

Unfortunately with the tragic events at the Boston Marathon this week, some people are looking to take advantage of the situation by sending spam messages that look like they are only sharing videos or information about the event, but actually provide links to locations that infect computers with malware.

The general "hook" is that the spam messages provide a link (URL) with a subject about the video/images from the explosions. The video and images are relevant to the story and being used as a hook to infect users with malware hosted at those sites. Right now, roughly 20% of all spam we are receiving/blocking is of this type. Remember to be suspicious of e-mail and only click on links from people you know and trust and don't provide information unless you are absolutely sure that you are dealing with legitimate web sites.
Normally, ITS tries not to provide direct links in our e-mails so that we ourselves don't appear as suspicious e-mail. Since this is an important message, we feel it was important to share this information. Trend Micro has provided some in-depth information on this and it is available for further reading at: