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FRANet (fran-net) is Siena's in-room high-speed Internet connection (RESnet). There is no charge for your FRANet connection.

Siena ITS is responsible for maintaining the FRANet connection, but you are responsible for keeping your computer running properly. ITS also runs the faculty/staff network and computing labs.

To connect to FRANet, you need the following:

  • A computer. Any new Windows XP, Vista, or Macintosh computer should work. Other operating systems (Linux, Windows 2003) are strongly discouraged, and we do not support them.
  • A network card. These come standard in all notebook computers.
  • A network cable. These can be purchased at any computer dealer, and at Siena's bookstore.
  • Basic computer security software. This includes up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software. A firewall is useful, though not required (all student computers are behind a firewall that protects against outside threats, but not from threats due to other students).
  • Note: you must have up-to-date security software and all system patches in order to register to Franet.


FRANet Access Details

FRANet Guide


Gaming Devices

  • Siena allows the use of gaming devices (PSP, Wii, Xbox, etc.) on the FRANet network.  Students are required to register their devices when coming on campus.

    To register, go to the FRANet registration page and select "Gaming Devices." You will need to be on campus to register.
    You will need to know the MAC address of your device. Instructions on how to find it are on the Gaming Device registration page.

    Gaming MAC Address