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College ITS Network

In addition to FRANet in the residence halls, ITS maintains Siena's internal network, excluding the School of Science. All lab computers (except those in Roger Bacon and Morrel) are on the network, and students can use these to save files on the network.

Note: you do have a limit to the file space. While it should be large enough for your school work, be aware of how much space you take up.

Saving Files on the Network

  • From a college lab (excluding the School of Science):  Save your work in "My Documents" on the lab computers. It will be saved in your network storage.
  • From off campus (including School of Science): Use VMware to save your files on the Network.
  • From a Macintosh (excluding School of Science Macs):
    • Activate the Finder on your computer.
    • Click on "Go" on the Finder menu.
    • Click on "Connect to Server"
    • Enter: "smb://calista/username" Use your network username (e.g., smb://calista/tj05smit)
    • Click "OK."
    • The system will connect. It will ask for a username and password. Use your network login and password.
    • A folder will be displayed on the desktop.