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Spam Filters

Siena College uses Postini to filter out spam.  While it is impossible to filter out every piece of spam, it is presently working at a remarkable 98% efficiency rating.  Unfortunately, due to this power, occasionally some valid e-mails get trapped as well.  This is unavoidable.  Fortunately, Postini sends each of us an e-mail every night with our own individual list of messages that it blocked.  Please don’t ignore this e-mail.  Read it every night and check to see if there’s a message there that you were expecting and want delivered.  If you find such a message, click on the “Deliver” button to the right of the message (if available) or log on to Postini and retrieve it from there.  If you do not want to wait till evening to see if any message got trapped, you can log on to Postini an any time of day and check your list of blocked messages.  Please read the instructions below for logging on.

WARNING:  Spam messages can be extremely tricky in their presentation to you.  If you’re not expecting an e-mail or do not recognize the sender’s name and e-mail address (you need to be 100% sure of this), do not deliver it to yourself.  It’s quite likely spam.  If you’re not sure, contact the person (or organization) and ask them if they sent anything to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Postini will only hold undelivered messages for 14 days.  After that, they get permanently deleted.  Hence, if you wish to retrieve a message, it needs to be done quickly.  Checking your Postini e-mail every night is the best way to insure their retrieval.  Delivered messages, on the other hand, will be archived by Postini for well over a year.

Accessing Blocked messages

To log in to Postini enter your e-mail address and Postini password (note:  not the same as your network password) below. You should have received an e-mail with your password (it is not the same as your e-mail password). If you don't know the Postini password, see "Lost Password" below.

To log in to Postini, go directly to

Login to Postini 

General Instructions for Postini (.pdf file)

Lost Password

If you've forgotten or don't know your password, type any letter in the "Password" field to get to the "Invalid password" screen (below).

Postini Lost Password



Click on "Forgot your Password?" (see arrow). An e-mail will be sent to your Siena e-mail address with a new temporary password. You will be asked to reset it the next time you log in.

Blocking and Approving Senders

You can use Postini to approve or block any particular senders.  If approved, senders will not be blocked by the spam filter; any messages will go straight to your inbox. Blocked senders, on the other hand, will be blocked from showing up in your Inbox.

To set this up:

  • Log on to Postini.
  • Click on :"My Settings" at the upper right.

Postini settings


  • You will see "Approve Senders" and "Block Senders" on the display.  Select the one you want to use.

Approve/Block sender


  • To approve or block a particular single e-mail address, enter the address under "Approve/Block Sender" (depending on which section you're viewing).
  • To approve or block a particular domain (for example, all mail from "") enter the domain under "Approve/Block Sender" (depending on which section you're viewing)

The picture below shows the Blocked Senders options. The Approve Senders screen is similar;
instead of "Blocked Senders" and "Blocked Domains," the fields are named "Approved Senders" and "Approved Domains."

Enter senders

  • To approve a mailing list (for example, if you subscribe to a listserv), enter the mailing list of the list under "Approve Mailing List." (Approved Senders screen only.)
  • Once you have entered the data, click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the field.  A notification will display at the top of the screen telling you the update has been saved.\

Now, any approved senders or domains will go into your inbox without being blocked by Postini. Any blocked senders or domains will not go into your inbox even if Postini would not normally have stopped them.