Changes Regarding Transfer Credit


Important Changes Regarding Transfer Credit  
Effective Fall 2013:

Franciscan Concern courses must be taken at Siena with the following exceptions:                             
·         Students transferring to Siena may transfer in Franciscan Concern course.

Students transferring to Siena prior to fall 2013 may have substitutions created for their Franciscan Concern courses.
These substitutions will be taken from approved transfer courses which formerly fulfilled a core area requirement. These students will need to fulfill all other requirements of the new core.

Study Abroad students will be allowed to transfer in up to two Franciscan Concern courses from their study abroad courses.

Students who transfer into Siena with 24 or more credits do not take First Year Seminar sequence 100 and 101 but will fulfill this requirement by using any two other core courses (3 credits each from any two areas). Students who transfer in the spring semester with fewer than 24 credits will take First Year Seminar 101 in the spring semester, but will not take First Year Seminar 100 the following fall. Instead, they will substitute any other core course.

Effective Fall 2012:
·         Students may transfer a maximum of 75 credits.  A maximum of 66 credits can be transferred from accredited two-year institutions.
·         Transfer students must earn a minimum of 45 semester hours and complete at least half of the major field to earn a degree at Siena. All departmental and general core curriculum requirements must be completed.
·         Students in the School of Business must earn at least half of all Business credits at Siena. The only exception to this rule is for students from schools with which we have a dual degree agreement, e.g. CEFAM.
·          Credit from another accredited institution will transfer with a grade of C when the course is similar in content and scope to courses offered at Siena. When a course is accepted in transfer, only credits transfer – quality points (i.e. grades) do not.
·         Once students matriculate at Siena, they are permitted to transfer in up to 18 additional credits. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the School Dean. This limit of transfer credits does not apply to credits earned from Study Abroad programs. The maximum total of transfer credits is 75.

As of September 1, 2013,

all transfer students will follow the full new core.