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Networking is the best way to conduct a career search.  However, the Career Center often receives requests from students and alumni for job search websites.  In addition to CareerSaint, here are some sites that we have found helpful.  Please note that this list is NOT comprehensive.  The below are meant to complement (not replace) your networking and personal outreach in your career search.


Capital Region Career Consortium Job Board- Employers post opportunities to 17 area colleges and universities via this site.  Registration is required (but free).

General search sites- nationwide


Government Jobs (national and state)

  • USA Jobs - Federal Job search engine/ application site
  • Public Service Careers - Professional jobs in government, nonprofits, NGO's, consulting, contracting, and academia
  • State Jobs NY - Executive Branch jobs in NYS government


  • Many job seekers overlook state vacancies for they assume that all vacancies require passing a state exam.  Occasionally state exams expire or diminish as individuals on the list take other positions.  In addition, state agencies may have the need to hire for a temporary or intern position for special projects or research.  Often these temporary positions require experience and skills that you might find yourself qualified for.  Positions such as these exist all over New York State and can be a great stepping stone to a permanent position in NYS Civil Service or simply a way to build your resume as you search for a full-time position.   

          Positions that fall in to these categories can be viewed here:

  • *You can also set up a vacancy feed to your inbox to make searching easier. 
  • Some additional sites that will assist you in seeking employment with NYS Government:


    For more information on how to get a NY State job:


    Exam Announcements open to the public/all qualified individuals:

    *In planning ahead check new announcements each month for exams you may qualify for. It typically takes 6-8 months to identify, apply, take an exam and score for eligibility.  This does not include getting a job in the title you took the exam for.  Often a person may sit on a list for years without being contacted. 


Jobs by region (frequently requested regions)


Sector-specific jobs/ information



Your safety is important! Do not disclose social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card information or other highly sensitive information when applying for jobs and internships.

Here is an example of a commonplace scam that is disguised as a job posting:$1,900.00