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Printing Guidelines

  1. Print less or not at all. Please don’t print just because you can. Think about it…do you really need that printout? In this advanced technological world any document can be saved in any number of places and can subsequently be read from your computer. Many documents are printed, read once (if at all) and then thrown away…what a waste!

  2. When creating an important document that you do need to print, please do not print initial drafts. Use the "Print Preview" view to check your document for errors, etc. Print only the final version.

  3. If what you need to print is one page of a multi-page document, please print only that page. Many times we find that the entire document is printed…the one important page is retrieved and the rest of the document is left on the printer…what a waste! While viewing this important page, go to File…Print…click on Current Page (or Selection)…then Print.

  4. When presenting in a classroom using PowerPoint slides or anything else, you can project your document on the screen. I’m sure you do that already; this should be quite sufficient. Is it really necessary for each student in the classroom to be given a printout of your document? I’ve spoken with many students about this and they all say the same thing…after class the printout goes right into the garbage pail…what an enormous waste!

  5. Printing study guides, on-line books, instruction sheets, etc., should be avoided. Please read number (1) again.

  6. Don’t print in color. Really…just how important is that? Color printing is much more costly than black/white. True…there are times when it’s necessary. But, for the most part, black/white would do just fine.