Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion

All candidates for tenure and/or promotion are required to submit to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs one hard copy of all materials (see “Outline of Application Material” below) that they want the Committee on Faculty Status to review in a three ring binder, and one flash drive containing scanned copies of those materials.

The application must include, at a minimum, the items listed below under “Outline of Application Materials….” You should check with your Dean, Department Head, and if you wish, other colleagues, to obtain guidance on past practices. Material traditionally not included in this binder or on the flash drive, but which may be submitted as ancillary materials for the committee members’ review, include:
- Copies of papers, books, abstracts, manuscripts, grants
- Copies of exams, curricular materials (study guides, assignments, syllabi, lab handouts, manuals, etc.)
- Individual rating sheets from student evaluations (summary sheets are duplicated, including representative "open comments” from students)

These ancillary materials will be placed on confidential reserve in the library for committee members to review. They need not be presented in binders but must be collected in some way and clearly identified with your name. They should be brought to the Office of Academic Affairs, not to the Library.

Outline of Application Material for Tenure and Promotion

The following information should be included in your three ring binder and flash drive for the Committee on Faculty Status. Prepare a cover sheet that will include your name and table of contents of your dossier, as follows. No pagination necessary, but please organize sections under tabs.

Submit a flash drive with the following as separate PDF files and all of the originals in a three ring binder:

· Tab 1: Table of Contents
· Tab 2: Cover letter to VPAA
· Tab 3: Narrative:This is your written self-analysis, detailed in the description on the following pages. This should not exceed 10 pages. In this section, amplify and comment on the data presented in the remainder of your dossier.
· Tab 4: Departmental Standards in Effect
· Tab 5: Faculty Personal Data Record/Curriculum Vitae (CV):It is the responsibility of the faculty member to maintain the accuracy of their personal data in the SEDONA database. Update your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the SEDONA database at . Save your CV as a PDF file and print a hard copy for your binder. This will ultimately be scanned to the flash drive with your other materials.
· Tab 6: Department Head’s Letter
· Tab 7: Dean’s Letter
· Tab 8: Evaluations (classroom observations) by Department Head and School Dean(should have original signatures): one per semester by your Department Head and one per academic year from your Dean
· Tab 9: 2 & 4-Year Reviews
· Tab 10: Peer Evaluations(if you have any)
· Tab 11: Summaries of Student Evaluations
· Tab 12: List of ancillary materials that will be on file in the Standish Library for review by the Committee

Note: Complete citations are required in all materials you submit. 

Any supplemental materials that are scannable should also be saved on this flash drive. Name each file as “Tab ___ - Name - Type of Application-Title of Section” for example, “Tab 1 - Laurie Fay – Tenure Application –  Table of Contents.” Each application must have a Table of Contents and be organized with tabs.  *One large pdf will not be accepted. Submit the flash drive and binder to the VPAA in the Office of Academic Affairs.   

(All documents from the Cover Sheet through List of Ancillary Materials should be scanned to the flash drive.) 

Evaluation of Teaching Faculty

N.B.: According to Paragraph III.A.1.d.5-6 of the Faculty Handbook in effect as of September 1, 2006: “For purposes of tenure and contract renewal (prior to tenure) only, the Departmental Standards operative when the faculty member was hired shall be used to evaluate the faculty member. At the time of hire, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Dean and Department Head, shall place a copy of these standards in the faculty member’s personnel file and also give a copy to the faculty member. For considerations other than tenure, Departmental Standards in effect at the time of consideration will apply.” 

Teaching: The primary function of faculty at Siena College is to teach. Therefore, evaluation of the faculty member’s teaching contributions will be the most important factor considered. Teaching includes classroom performance, the professional development necessary to carry out the teaching function and availability to students outside the classroom. The faculty member is required to present to the Committee on Faculty Status the administrative evaluations as defined in Section III.B.2 of the Faculty Handbook, together with some documentation of formal systematic evaluation of teaching performance which shall include student evaluations and may include self-evaluations as well. See Section III.A.1.a for examples of other documentation a faculty member may choose to present. 

Scholarship: Scholarship consists of research and public presentation of scholarly work within a professional setting. Evidence of such activity or the actual work, accompanied by the assessment of colleagues, must be presented. Examples may be found in the Faculty Handbook III.A1.b. 

Service to the College: A faculty member must document his or her activity in service. Committee work or administrative tasks (including serving as Department Head) should be evaluated by letters from committee peers, project supervisors, or administrative supervisors. Examples may be found in the Faculty Handbook III.A.1.c. 

(Revised 9/11/13)