What is BWBRS?

In order to receive your AmeriCorps Award at Siena you will need to become familiar with the Bonner Web Based Reporting System (BWBRS). When you log onto BWBRS you will land on your Homepage where you can review any messages from the foundation as well as to keep track of your AmeriCorps paperwork. On the left you will see six tabs under your Student Menu:
My Home Page:
This will show you all recent activity, notices from the Bonner Foundation and will help you track the total amount of hours you have completed.
Student Profile:
This is where you will find your enrollment, documentation and contact info. You should be sure this is up-to-date at all times.
Community Learning Agreement (CLA):
A Community Learning Agreement must be created for each site you will be volunteering at and must be created before you start your service. You will create a CLA at the beginning of each semester.
Hour Logs:
You will use this tab to log hours. Remember that in order for all hours to be signed by your supervisor and school administrator, YOU MUST SIGN THEM FIRST. This has to be completed in order to be considered for your award. Once you have signed your hours for the month, please be sure to notify your school administrator to then sign them as well.
Service Accomplishment:
The Service Accomplishment is completed for each CLA. You will complete one at the end of each semester. You only need to complete one per semester and it should be 2-3 sentences of what you accomplished that semester/how you made an impact.
Evaluations will be completed at mid-term (for 450 & 900 hour terms) and also at end of term for all service terms. These should be completed by your supervisor and school administrator and then reviewed by you.