Community Learning Agreements

The CLA is divided into three sections. You must complete the second two sections. 

  1. Position Description: This will already be filled out with information you provide to the school administrator. Please DO NOT EDIT this section.
  2. Primary Objective: This is the most important part of the CLA. You will talk about the effect that you are trying to create in your target population. Why are these people in need of your services? How do you want the people you are working with to be different at the end of your time with them, how will you measure that, and what effect will it then have on the community as a whole. Please use the following sample template to complete the primary objective:
  3. Learning Goals: What are you hoping to learn from this experience? How will you be different at the end of this experience? This part is about you instead of the people you are working with. You must select two goals and then write one sentence about each goal.

Example CLA

1. Position Description (DO NOT EDIT)

Title Habitat Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Service Partner Capital District Habitat for Humanity
Semester Summer 2010
Status Proposed
Position Description Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, housing organization that provides housing to under served people in the Capital Region. The communications and outreach coordinator will work with the community and various organizations by meeting with community members and learning about their needs, developing social media tools to voice the needs of the community, and relaying these messages to potential donors as well as the general public. This will reinforce the mission of HfH as a powerful community revitalization organization.


2. Primary Objective

General Issue Area Human Needs/Public Safety
Specific Issue Area Poverty Reduction
Population Served Community
Objective Reduce poverty levels and enhance health and well-being
Service Goal 300 Hours
Measured By Organization's Figures/Reports
Describe Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, housing organization that provides housing to under served people in the Capital Region. I will be a communications and outreach coordinator where I will maintain and update blog entries for several different social media websites by meeting with at risk populations in the capital region. I will also organize this data to encourage the creation of programs that meet the needs of the community. These projects will enhance Habitat's community outreach and involvement.


3. Learning Goals

Objective 1 Communication
Objective 2 Marketing/Public Relations
Describe I hope to improve my communication skills to better reach the community. The improvement of my marketing and public relation skills will allow me to broaden my perspective on the needs of at risk communities.


Site Supervisors Joe Smith (Director of Development)