Dominican Republic Service Trip

Dominican Republic Service Trip February 21-28, 2015

Cost for the trip is $950 and includes air, food and lodging

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Article written by senior Rob Longo about the 2011 trip    Over spring break I had the pleasure of going on a service trip to the Dominican Republic.  While on the trip I was able to witness many things beautiful country had to offer, both good and bad. The part of Santo Domingo that our group stayed is in an area where the people deal with extreme poverty and adversity every single day. Even when I say extreme poverty, I really do think I am not doing it enough justice. To give you an idea, while I was there I felt tremendously fortunate to take a cold shower each morning and to be staying in a place that frequently had electricity. Both of these essentials (running water and electricity) that I have taken for granted are nonexistent in most of the homes in this community. One of these great things is the Centro Misionero Catolico Hermanas Franciscanas Bernadinas. Amidst the community filled with numerous challenges the missionary center is one huge saving grace. This place is run by group of very inspirational Sisters. The grounds consist of a home where the sisters live, a school, and a church. This is where we were welcomed with open arms. With us we brought luggage filled donations that included medical supplies, dental supplies, clothing, school supplies, TY Beanie Babies, further toys, and other necessities. I was amazed by the amount of donations we were able to bring. All of them undoubtedly had a great positive impact on the much deserving community. For our work during the week out group leaders organized a packet that included a schedule for our work in the school, games to play with the children, lesson plans, songs/dances to do with the children and other necessary items. Our group had great student leaders that made entirely new process to me run smoothly. Never in my life have I been part of a team that worked so well together. We each had different personalities and behaviors but at the same time we brought out the best in each other. During each of the valuable lessons that we taught to the children I found that I was able to learn more about myself by interacting with each child and each group member.  Experiences that I will cherish forever include each lesson we taught to the kids, every recess playing with the children, walking through the streets with the children, the conditions of the barrio, visiting the homes of families, the cultural exchange, every meal, the frequent laughter, the list goes on and on.   


  Article written by Siena senior Kelly Donnelly from the 2008 trip

  Over spring break, a group of ten students went to the Dominican Republic on a service trip with the Bowman Center for Women. Led by Dr. Shannon O’Neill and accompanied by Brother Larry Anderson, the group volunteered with a group of Franciscan Sisters.    Everyone who went on the trip found the whole experience eye-opening, as we had a chance to live and serve in an incredible nation that is so different from our own. The community we served was extremely impoverished. The roads are dirt or in great need of repair. Most of the houses are made of different metals (mostly rusted) that are pieced together, have one or two rooms, and gaping holes in the ceilings and walls. There are piles of trash everywhere. Overall, the people own hardly any material possessions. Yet, amid this poverty they were phenomenally faith-filled and happy. On the first day, when we were at Mass, tons of children came up and hugged us before they even really met us. Throughout the week, we were continually impressed with how much everyone in the community welcomed us, and were willing to give and do for one another, despite the hardships they faced.   We were all amazed with how much the Sisters do for the community. The children only go to school for half a day, so the Sisters run a before-school program for the children who attend school in the afternoon, and an after-school program for those who attend school in the morning. Without this program, most of the children would be left alone on the incredibly unsafe streets without any supervision. The Sisters also run a health clinic that provides needed medical supplies and care for the immediate community and some of the surrounding communities. They run a baseball program for boys, which is an incentive for them to remain in school, as well as giving them a safe activity to participate in. In learning about all of these programs, we were all inspired to see how much the Sisters had truly implemented programs that served the unique needs of the community. Everything was done with practicality in mind, and they made sure that the community’s needs were met in an extremely sensitive manner. Before going to the Dominican Republic, we collected supplies to be used in the medical clinic and by the children. We planned and led activities for the children in the before and after-school programs, helped out with some English classes for older children, and helped in the medical clinic. We were amazed with how incredible the children were! Materially, they had virtually nothing, and yet they were so filled with joy! They were incredibly kind-hearted towards everyone, and grateful for the tiniest things. One of the activities we led was an Easter egg hunt, where each child received a plastic egg filled with some candy. The kids were absolutely ecstatic when they found the eggs - - it is impossible to describe just how excited and grateful the kids were! This gratitude and excitement carried through in all of the activities. The whole Siena group commented on how fortunate we felt to meet all the people we encountered. It was a joy and a privilege to spend time with each of the people we had a chance to serve. Our whole experience was phenomenal, and it is clear that each person who went was inspired by everything and everyone we encountered, and made memories that will last a lifetime.