Political Science Society

Purpose: The Society has been formed to provide a non-partisan arena for all members of the Siena College community to participate in lively and meaningful endeavors in the encompassing realm of politics.




The Political Science Society sponsors several events each semester.

The Society issues t-shirts for Political Science Society members, Political Science majors, minors, and faculty. The shirts are purchased from fair trade vendors. The shirts are also available at some events toward the end of the school year.

The annual student voter registration drive is hosted by the Political Sceince Society. This usually takes place during Siena Fest's Musical Mayhem event. Unregistered students are able to fill out registration forms at a table stationed by the Political Science Society.

The Political Science student and faculty socials take place in the fall and/or the spring. This is a good chance for students to take a break with free food. Students also get a chance to interact with other Political Science majors and get to know their faculty.


Past events

Student-Faculty Social - May 2009 BBQ


A Debate about Health Care Reform

photo from student led debate on health care reform Fall 2009