Registration Instructions

Web Registration Instructions

  1. Go to the Registrar website (, and click on "Registration"
  2. Review these instructions.
  3. Click on "Web for Faculty/Students." A new browser window or tab will open. (hint: by keeping two or more browser windows or tabs open, you may refer back to the Registrar's page to review the instructions or FAQ's).

How to Register - The Short List

  1. Plan your schedule.
  2. Generate a new CAPP audit and print it (use landscape!).
  3. See your advisor. Get your Alternate PIN!
  4. Login to Web for Students.
  5. Check your registration status.
  6. Enter your Alternate PIN. Register for classes.
  7. Review your schedule.
  8. Answer survey.
  9. Close your browser(s).

How to Register - The Longer List

  1. Plan your schedule. Check to see what classes are available by consulting the Schedule of Classes online (you can reach this from the Registrar’s page). Write down classes (CRN's) and times. If you need special permission to take a class, make sure you get the proper approval. If you need an instructor's permission to register for a class, be sure to contact that instructor or your School Office. Your School Office will approve and submit to the system the proper instructions that allow you to register for classes that require other permissions (i.e. major, class, discipline).
  2. Run and print your CAPP audit. Sign on to Web for Students and choose ‘Student Services and Financial Aid’, and then ‘Student Records’ and then ‘Degree Evaluation’ to run and print a CAPP audit. Be sure to generate a new evaluation to ensure your audit includes current information. It will be necessary for you to have the audit in order to be certain that the classes you are registering for will meet the necessary requirements for graduation. You need to print your audit in landscape format. In Internet Explorer click on File|Page Setup and then select "Landscape." Consult the documentation if you use a different browser.
  3. See your advisor. In order for you to register, you must see your advisor. Bring a new copy of your CAPP audit. You may enter Web for Students and look around, but the system will not allow you to register until your designated time. If you have problems with obtaining your audit there is a tutorial available from the Registrar's web page. Be prepared to discuss your schedule with your advisor. Your advisor will provide you with an Alternate PIN that will be used in web registration.
  4. Login to Web for Students. Click on "Login to Secure Area." Enter your student ID and PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, enter your SID and click the "Forgot PIN?" button and you will be guided through a process to reset your PIN. Click on "Student Services." Click on "Registration." Contact the ITS Help Desk at 786-5000 if your PIN is disabled.
  5. Check your registration status. Select the appropriate term. Your registration time and hold information will be the first items listed on this page. You will not be allowed to register before your designated time or if you have holds. These holds may be administrative holds that require you to go to the Business Affairs, Health, or Registrar's offices. You will have to clear these holds before you can register. Because it sometimes takes a while to clear these holds, you should do this as soon as possible. The remainder of the information on this page has to do with your academic record and the information that is currently on file for you. If you feel that any of this information is incorrect, go to your School Office to make the proper corrections.
  6. Register for classes by selecting "Add/ Drop Classes" when the registration menu is available. You will be asked for the Alternate PIN that you received from your advisor. Enter the Alternate PIN and proceed to the next page. To register for classes enter the CRN's for the class. When all of your CRN's are recorded, click on "Submit Changes." Courses for which you are successfully registered will appear in the "Current Schedule" section of the form and will show "**Registered on (date)**" in the status field. Be sure to utilize the "Look up classes to add" function if you need to search for additional classes - a minimum of a subject must be selected from a long list of choices. Select your course and click on Register. It is strongly suggested that you do NOT use the "Add to Worksheet" button - other students can close courses that you have pending in the worksheet. Any registration errors will appear beneath your schedule with a "Status Message" indicating the error. (For additional information regarding these error messages click on the appropriate link).
  7. Print by selecting "Student Schedule by Day and Time." Initially, this shows your schedule for the current week. In order to print your future schedule, you will either have to enter a date from that term (ex. 01/25/2009) or click "Next Week" until you get to the dates that you want to print. You may print directly from your browser by selecting the "Print" button or by selecting "File" and then "Print."
  8. Answer the survey at /form.aspx?menu_id=552&ekfrm=12865
  9. Close your browser for privacy purposes. It is possible for someone to get on the computer and see your information if you do not close the browser.
  10. Jump up and down and cheer - you are done!