Siena Squash was formed in Spring 2008 to provide the students at Siena College an opportunity to participate in a highly social sport that has otherwise not been offered at Siena. Squash is a fast-paced and exciting sport similar to tennis and racquetball but is generally considered to require more strategy and skill to play. It is a highly cerebral sport that improves the mind and body. Siena Squash will help to introduce squash to those who are interested in the sport but have never played before. In addition, the club will help to improve the squash game of those already familiar with the sport. Most of all, we intend to provide the members of Siena Squash an opportunity to improve their fitness while having fun and making friends at the same time. 

Practice Schedule
Tuesday 7-9 (closed team practice)
Thursday 7-9 (open intramural practice)
*all practices are in the MAC*



Kyle Sleasman Coach
Dan Sleasman Coach
Dan O'Connor Coach
Viraaj Patel Senior
Kevin Walsh Senior
Matt Eliseo Sophomore
Kaitlin Harrison Sophomore
Sammy Kowala Sophomore
Alyssa Lowell Sophomore
Sean McKenna Sophomore
Zach Miller Sophomore
Phil Ndegwa Sophomore
Rob Pacheco Sophomore
Kevin Schafer Sophomore
John Schoonmaker Sophomore
Benjamin Caesar Freshman
Jacky Cheng Freshman
Louis D'Andrea Freshman
Jakob Hebert Freshman
Tyler Kallquist Freshman
Gordon Wiltse Freshman


For more information about the club, contact us at one of the following email addresses:
Coach: Kyle Sleasman – ksleasman@gmail.com
Co-President: Zach Miller – zj19mill@siena.edu
Co-President: Rob Pacheco – r21pach@siena.edu

Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/pages/Siena-Squash/142136955847532