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About AMA: 

The AMA is one of the largest national organizations for professional marketers. Our club is a collegiate extension of this organization. A major part of our marketing club is establishing relationships with professors, faculty, local business people and your fellow classmates.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to network by attending events such as both on and off campus breakfast roundtables, luncheons, and guest speakers. Some advantages of networking include boosting your confidence and helping to establish relationships, which are essential to developing your career after you leave Siena. Our members have the chance to apply what they learn here in the classroom to real-life situations by developing marketing campaigns for our club, school functions, and other events.

As an AMA member you are given access to resources, such as marketing magazines, employment kits, resume help, and are also kept up-to-date on current marketing news and information. The time commitment won't be tremendous, but the learning opportunities for all members will definitely be beneficial. Meetings are normally every other Tuesday and we strongly encourage attendance at networking events when possible. Everyone is encouraged to join, not just marketing majors!