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 Location: Maintenance Building
     (Near MacClosky Square)
 24 Hr. Business Line

 24 Hr. Campus Emergency Line

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Evacuate: Move out of an unsafe location into safety. Walk quickly in an orderly fashion to the nearest safe exit. If evacuating a building because of a fire, close all doors between you and the fire, and DO NOT use elevators.

Shelter-in-Place: You may have to Shelter-in-Place when an evacuation is not safe (e.g. severe weather, hostile intruder, or hazardous material spills). Seek immediate shelter and remain there during an emergency rather than evacuate the area. It is important to assess your location compared to the incident location before you take appropriate action. Lock the door and barricade yourself in the room with the furniture or anything you can push against the door. The preferred Shelter-in-Place location would be an interior room or hallway.

Seek Shelter: If outside during an incident, drop to the ground immediately, lying face down as flat as possible. If within 15-20 feet of a safe place or cover, stay close to the ground and run to it. Attempt to move or crawl away from the threat, trying to utilize any obstruction between you and the threat. When you reach a relatively safe place, stay down and do not move. If possible, seek shelter in a building and shelter-in-place.