Department Chair

  • Raj Devasagayam
    Professor of Marketing
    Colbeth Hall 113

AMA at Siena

Activities of Siena's American Marketing Association:


Siena Marketing Association attends Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Convention

On Saturday October 18th, the nine Executive Board Members of the Siena College Marketing Association attended the Intercollegiate Business Convention sponsored by the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. 

These students include marketing majors:

  • Klaudia Bouzyk '15
  • Kate Bender '16
  • Megan Brousseau '15
  • Brendan Duffy '15
  • Rebecca Curley '15
  • Erin Grogan '16
  • Erin Cardinal '15
  • Angela Perazone '16
  • Eric Beresheim '17 - finance major



Throughout the day, students attended different speakers, breakout sessions, and networking events.  Breakout sessions covered topics in Marketing and Communications, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, and Making a Positive Impact in For-and Nonprofit Sectors.  Towards the end of the day, students had the opportunity to network with business professionals, other students, and employers from around the world. The Executive Board plans to share the information they learned from the conference with the other students in the club and in their future club projects.- By Erin Cardinal


Marketing Junior Receives AMA Award

Jessica Abel, class of 2013 marketing major, (at right in photos) won the New York Capital Region American Marketing Association (NYCRAMA) marketing plan competition. Jessica's marketing plan was for the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society (HATAS), located in Albany, NY and was instrumental in generating charitable donations to provide needed assistance to families in Albany County. Jessica received the award from Laura Lachell, Siena class of 2010 and President of NYCRAMA, at a luncheon on April 12. Students from fourteen colleges in New York State were eligible to participate in the competition.

Jessica is the newly elected President of the Siena American Marketing Association student chapter and will assume her new position in Fall 2012.


AMA Northeast Regional Conference

On Saturday, November 19th [2011], members of Siena’s American Marketing Association attended the A.M.A’s 6th Annual Northeast Regional Conference at Pace University in New York City. In attendance were Jessica Abel, Chelsea Carpenter, Courtney Feiden, AnnMarie Gumkowski, Victoria Huber, Jenna Kanterman, Ena Keric, Christina Manning, Melanie Segreto, Diana Susino, and Dr. Pepe (faculty advisor of Siena’s A.M.A).

The conference theme was “Breaking Through the Noise: Reaching the Target Market”. Pace University arranged for knowledgeable marketing experts to share their insights at this event. Guest speakers included: John Paquin, Group Account Director at Euro RSCG; Ben Rothfield, Founder of Translinear Marketing Strategy Consulting; Brian Murrary, Manager of Buzz Builder at Likeable Media; and Lee Bogner, CIO and Head of Social Media Business Unit at Marden-Kane. Each presenter had his own set of ideas and experiences, providing a nice mix of perspectives on the value of social media and reaching your target audience. Accordingly, this allowed for some great insight for us to draw upon as future marketers.

Ben Rothfield discussed how vital it is to stay one step ahead of yourself when developing a marketing campaign. Specifically, he advised that before initiating a campaign, you should always ask what consumers will do after being exposed to that message. According to Mr. Rothfield, “When working on a project and nearing the end, always think ‘what then?’”

John Paquin also emphasized how necessary it is for marketers to constantly be thinking of the next step. John Paquin gave us all a real world example we were all familiar with- a commercial for Woolite. John, along with members of his marketing team, was hired to revamp the image of the Woolite brand so that it could be more competitive with its rival brand, Tide. In explaining his initial ideas for the project, John stressed the importance of making sure your brand stands out, even if this means reshaping the traditional look and feel of your campaigns. Not surprisingly, John and his team asked Rob Zombie to direct the new Woolite commercial (with the expected Rom Zombie spin). In the end, the campaign was a phenomenal success for Woolite (and John).

Brian Murray and Lee Bogner discussed the necessity of social media in today’s “always plugged in” type marketplace. Marketers need to familiarize themselves with the plethora of social media platforms and discover new ways of connecting with their target markets. Social media is so widespread now that consumers will automatically look to it to gain information. Therefore, using social media outlets to intercept their attention allows for a new competitive advantage over your competitors. From the buyer perspective, consumers can utilize these outlets as another method for learning about your brand and becoming even more connected to what your brand symbolizes. Overall, the conference was an excellent opportunity for each of us to gain insights into our future as successful marketers.
-Written by Jessica Abel