Mission Statement


Since the founding of the College in 1937, Siena has been committed to preparing men and women to make a difference in the world through the noble profession of teaching. Siena's Teacher Preparation Program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education   (NCATE) and is registered with New York State's Department of Education.

Inspired by the life and work of Francis of Assisi, the Education Program at Siena College prepares teachers committed to the continuing effort to create a good and just society. Our prospective teachers demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, openness to all persons, and the capacity to use a variety of skills needed to instruct students effectively. With guidance and instruction from collegiate and school-based faculty, they prepare for this work by demonstrating excellence in their liberal arts and science core, their major, and their professional courses and experiences. Graduates of Siena's teacher education are willing and able leaders in the endeavor to provide quality instructional environments for students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.

The Department offers programs leading to New York State Initial Teacher Certification in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12) in the following areas: Biology, Chemistry, English Language Arts, French, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, and Spanish. The Department also offers a program leading to New York State Initial Teacher Certification in Business and Marketing (all grades).

As part of their course work, students will complete a minimum of one hundred and ten hours of field experience prior to their student teaching experience. For students in the certification sequence, these experiences are in varied secondary school settings. The experiences follow the  guidelines outlined in the Field Experience Program Handbook provided to  every participating student, classroom teacher, and principal. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

Students who successfully complete EDUC 360 (Adolescence and Schooling) and EDUC 385 (Teaching and Learning in the Middle School), and who have completed an approved program for an initial certificate in adolescence education grades 7-12, are eligible for an extension of their teaching certificate into grades 5-6. This extension is not offered for students in programs leading to New York State initial teacher certification in Business and Marketing (all grades).

In addition, the department offers elective courses that will allow students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the field of education. For the non-certification student whose career goals are education-related, the department provides the opportunity to develop a sequence of courses that will serve as a foundation for graduate work in fields such as elementary education, school psychology, guidance and counseling, school social work, reading, or special education.

The Teacher Preparation program at Siena College is accredited by the
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education