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Siena VISTA Fellow Alumni

We are proud of our AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow alumni who have successfully completed a year or more of service through our program! Each cohort has helped our program become what it is today - nationally recognized and sought out by candidates across the country.

AmeriCorps VISTA Leaders

2012-2013 Lamara Burgess, Carolyn Holthausen  
2011-2012 Victoria Malaney, Ryan Rose '10, Jennifer Hunt
2010-2011 Patrick Gruber, Nefisah Sallim, Jennifer Hunt
2009-2010 Yalitza Negron '08

AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows

February Cohort: Anna Bradway '11, Pete Cichetti, Ashley Farrell, Natasha Grant, Pou Mok, Kevin Sullivan
2011-2012 Feburary Cohort: Keri O'Brien '10, Natasha Grant
  July Cohort: Erika Cary, Brian Costello '11, Courtney Cozzy '11, John DeCirce '11, Kiera DeNoyer, Odalina Duran, Carolyn Holthausen, Beatrice Jean, Clare Kelley '11, Sarah Lutz, Megan Lynch, Dana Mazer '11, Melissa Moore '11, Rachel Moore, Briavel Schultz, Amanda Wilson '12
  September Cohort: Vanessa Rodriguez
2010-2011 July Cohort: James Shultis, Hannah Boehm, Hilary Rainey, Meghan Dunn '07, Kathryn Ramsey, Tanya Henderson, Ricky Ryan '10, Ryan Rose '10, Victoria Malaney, Michael Parsons, Christy Allen, Amanda Wilson, Carly Smith '09, Samantha Tymchyn, Ariel Palter
2009-2010 June Cohort: Allison Nowak '09, Frankie Sylvester '09, Patrick Gruber, Meghan Dunn '07, Samantha Tymchyn '09, Jennifer Hunt, Carly Smith '09, Jacqueline Ginnan, Alison Roblin, Kathryn Ramsey
  July Cohort: Jacqueline Ginnan '09, Carly Smith '09, Alison Roblin
  August Cohort: Emily Lamontagne, Amy Loehndorf, Mirana Bass
January Cohort: Nicole Tommasini, Yalitza Negron '08, CaSonya Young
  August Cohort: Julie Comley, Carly James, Nefisah Sallim