Safety and Support Services

Be aware of the difference between seeking support with confidentiality and seeking support with privacy.  You deserve to be safe!


Siena College is committed to offering survivors of sexual violence, dating violence and stalking immediate treatment, counseling support, and police assistance, if desired.  Care and consideration of the survivor's wishes will be honored throughout this process.

At Siena College, the following is the list of Confidential Resources:

Counseling Center: 518-783-2342
Health Services: 518-783-2554
College Chaplain: 518-783-2332

These are the only Siena College employees who can offer legally protected confidentiality. These individuals are not required to report any information about an incident to the Title IX Coordinator without a complainant’s permission. While professional counselors will maintain an individual’s confidentiality vis-à-vis the College, they may have reporting or other obligations under New York State law, e.g., mandatory reporting to law enforcement in case of minors, imminent harm to self or others.

An individual who speaks to a professional and/or pastoral counselor in these specific roles must understand that, if the individual wants to maintain confidentiality, the College will be unable to conduct an investigation into particular incidents or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged respondent. Individuals not serving in their specific role as a confidential resource (e.g., The College Chaplain serving as a club advisor) cannot maintain confidentiality and would have a duty to report at a responsible employee (see definition of responsible employee).

Confidential resources may assist individuals in receiving other necessary protection and support, such as survivor advocacy, academic support or accommodations, disability, health and mental health services, changes in residence halls, working and course schedules in coordination with the Title IX Coordinator.

Individuals who initially request confidentiality may later decide to file a complaint with the College and/or report the incident to Colonie Police, and thus have the incident investigated. These counselors will provide the individual with assistance in contacting the Title IX Coordinator if the individual wishes to do so.


Privacy may be offered by an individual when such individual is unable to offer confidentiality under the law but shall still not disclose information learned from a reporting individual or bystander to a crime or incident more than necessary to comply with this and other applicable laws, including informing appropriate college officials.

Even college offices and employees who cannot guarantee confidentiality will maintain your privacy to the greatest extent possible. The information you provide to a non-confidential resource will be relayed only as necessary for the Title IX Coordinator to investigate and/or seek a resolution.


“Responsible Employees” have a duty to report incidents of sexual misconduct, including all relevant details, to the Title IX Coordinator. A “responsible” employee is a Siena College employee who has the authority to redress sexual misconduct, who has the duty to report incidents of sexual misconduct or who a student could reasonably believe has the authority or duty. Such employees are not permitted under any circumstances to maintain a complainant’s confidentiality.

Siena has designated all Faculty, Staff and Administrators, with the exception of those serving in their role as a confidential resource, as responsible employees.

Important Resources:



Public Safety 24-hour emergency: 518-783-2999 (non-emergency: 518-783-2376) (private, non-confidential)

Police 24-hour: 911

Title IX Coordinator: 518- (private, non-confidential)

Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center crisis hotline: 518-447-7716 (main number: 518-447-5500)

Center for Counseling and Student Development: 518-783-2342 (confidential)

Equinox Inc. Domestic Violence Services crisis hotline: 518-432-7865 (main number: 518-434-6135)

Health Services: 518-783-2554 (confidential)

In Our Own Voices – LGBT Domestic Violence Support Line: 518-432-4341

College Chaplain: 518-783-2332 (confidential)

New York State Police Dedicated 24-hour hotline: 1- 844-845-7269

Anonymous Tip Line: