Safety and Support Services


You deserve to be safe!
Siena College is committed to offering survivors of sexual violence, dating violence and stalking immediate treatment, counseling support, and police assistance, if desired. Care and consideration of the survivor’s wishes will be honored throughout this process.
Your RA and RD are always available to help.  Other on-campus support:
Siena College Public Safety Emergency                                                          518-783-2999
Siena College Public Safety Non-Emergency                                 518-783-2376
                Public Safety Online Anonymous Tip Form
                Residential Life                                                                                                     518-783-2919
Dean of Students (John Felio)                                                       518-783-2328
Title IX Coordinator (Michele Paludi)                                              518-782-6673
Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Specialist/
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students (Joy Galarneau)                 518-783-2328
Human Rights Committee Chair (J. Bebb)                                      518-783-2328
Center for Counseling and Student Development                             518-783-2342
Bowman Center for Women                                                          518-782-6109
Health Services                                                                           518-783-2554
Chaplain's Office                                                                          518-783-2332
You can also receive support services off campus:
Local Resources
Police (24-hour)                                                                                                    911

Albany County Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center
                                        Crisis Hotline                                     518-447-7716
                                        Main Number                                     518-447-5500
Equinox Inc. Domestic Violence Services               
                                                     Crisis Hotline                                                   518-432-7865
                                                     Main Number                                                   518-434-6135
Unity House Domestic Violence Services  
                                        Crisis Hotline                                     518-272-2370
                                        Main Number                                     518-272-5917
In Our Own Voices - LGBT Domestic Violence Support Line                      518-432-4341
The Legal Project (free/low cost legal services)     518-435-1770
Albany County District Attorney (Includes Crime Victim Services Unit)      518-487-5460
New York State Resources
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault                          800-942-6906
New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence                     800-942-6906
New York State Office of Victim Services                                      800-247-8035
National Resources
Sexual Assault Hotline                                                                                         1-800-656-HOPE
Domestic Violence Hotline                                                           1-800-799-SAFE
GLBTQ - Domestic Violence Project:                                            1-800-832-1901
 Meet just a few members of our support team:

Center for Counseling and Student Development
(Foy 110)

 "My name is Pat Bradway, and I am a counselor in the Center for Counseling and Student Development at Siena College. At the Center we are committed to providing emotional support, guidance and referrals for students who have experienced a sexual trauma and other types of relationship violence. First and foremost, a consultation with us is confidential. Secondly, helping survivors regain control of their lives is a guiding principle of our interactions. We know that emotional reactions to a traumatic event can temporarily cause a lot of confusion, and meeting with a patient counselor in a relaxing environment can help a survivor work through all of these confusing thoughts and emotions. We also provide information and guidance for students who want to help a friend who has experienced a traumatic event or who may be in an unhealthy relationship. When a student is not yet ready to report to another office on campus, we can help the student obtain information about reporting options and services without jeopardizing privacy. Lastly, we know that traumatic events need not be recent to have an impact on the survivor's life. We will provide emotional support regardless of when or where the trauma occurred."

Dean of Students
(SSU 310)

"My name is Joy Galarneau, and I serve as Associate Dean of Students/Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students at Siena College. In the Dean of Students Office, we're committed to supporting students who may have experienced a traumatic sexual experience. Our goal is to support survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, in order to ensure the immediate and long-term health and safety of the survivor and of the campus community. If you are a survivor, I encourage you to come to meet with me or any of the Deans or Title IX Coordinator. We will be able to explain and help you access a host of resources both on and off campus to help you heal in a safe environment. We'll also explain your options for reporting/pursuing a complaint on and off campus, and we can clarify some things that may be confusing to you, like what confidentiality means in a situation like this. We understand that this is a difficult time for you, so we take the utmost care to be sensitive and make every effort to respect your wishes when determining how best to respond to your situation and the overall safety of our community. We are also always available to meet with anyone on campus to discuss a "hypothetical" situation if you want to ask general questions about how Siena College responds to sexual violence."

Title IX Coordinator (Tustco Bank Center
Room 202)

"My name is Michele Paludi.  At Siena I am the designated official under the Human Rights Policy to investigate complaints brought against faculty and employees.  In addition, as the Title IX Coordinator, I assist all members of the campus with helping to resolve issues of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, dating violence, dometic violence, stalking, and sexual assault.  I also conduct investigations of violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504.  I am here to assist all members of Siena’s community in determining whether their concerns can be addressed through the Human Rights process or other mechanisms.  I work with the Office of Human Resources on employee relations issues.  I welcome the opportunity to meet with and talk with all members of Siena’s community.