Victim Safety and Assistance


Get the help you deserve! Help is available.  Dean of Students Office, RA's, RD's, Public Safety, Title IX Coordinator:

  • We will treat you with care and support.
  • We will help you decide what action you want to take, if any.
  • We will connect you to services that can help you through this difficult time.
  • Siena College is committed to ensuring the immediate and long-term safety of survivors of sexual violence through a variety of means, for example:
*alternative housing locations, for the survivor and/or alleged assailant
*class schedule changes, for the survivor and/or alleged assailant
*orders of no contact, so the alleged assailant is not able to contact the survivor, and
*transportation to medical facilities (as requested by the survivor and if reasonably available).
*In addition, College personnel will also assist students through the on-campus disciplinary/human rights process and can assist survivors in notifying off-campus law enforcement authorities (police, district attorney).