Reporting On and Off Campus and Emergency Numbers

Reporting ON and Off Campus and Emergency Numbers



Public Safety 24-hour emergency: 518-783-2999 (non-emergency: 518-783-2376) (private, non-confidential)

Police 24-hour: 911

Title IX Coordinator: 518- (private, non-confidential)

Albany County Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center crisis hotline: 518-447-7716 (main number: 518-447-5500)

Center for Counseling and Student Development: 518-783-2342 (confidential)

Equinox Inc. Domestic Violence Services crisis hotline: 518-432-7865 (main number: 518-434-6135)

Health Services: 518-783-2554 (confidential)

In Our Own Voices – LGBT Domestic Violence Support Line: 518-432-4341

College Chaplain: 518-783-2332 (confidential)

New York State Police Dedicated 24-hour hotline: 1- 844-845-7269

Anonymous Tip Line: