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Institutional Review Board


Per Federal regulations as prescribed in 45 CFR Part 46, any faculty, student and/or administrator/staff planning to engage in research involving human subjects must receive approval from the Siena College Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to initiating any research activities, on or off campus. 

Currently, the IRB employs three (3) primary types of review depending on the degree of risk to human subject(s):

  • Exemption Review (see below) Feedback sent 1-2 weeks after IRB application is submitted.
  • Expedited Review Feedback sent 2-3 weeks after IRB application is submitted.
  • Full Review  Full committee review conducted 1-3 months after IRB application is submitted.

The IRB will consider proposals under an Exemption Review. Below is the link to the Exemption Review policy with definitions of the six (6) Federally defined exemption categories. 


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