• Sarazen Student Union Room 229
    (518) 783-2416

Inter-Campus Mail

Faculty/Administration Mail

Faculty/Administration Mail includes any piece of mail that is destined for delivery to a faculty member, administrator, or department from an on-campus location. This mail requires the addressee’s name, department, and building. The preparation of this mail varies because of the volume and the size of the individual mailing piece. Before sending out mailings of 50 or more mailing pieces, call the college post office at 783-2416 for clarification on how to properly prepare the mailing to ensure expeditious delivery.

Student Mail

Student Mail includes any piece of mail sent to a student from an on-campus location must include the student’s name and SPOB number. Due to the large volume of student mail and limited number of postal staff, the Siena College Post Office requires that mailings of 50 or more pieces be in numeric order by SPOB commencing with the number 2000.



Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Friday:
         8:30am to 4pm
    Saturday: 8:30am to 11:30am
    Sunday: Closed