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     To save energy and heat is it a good idea to caulk and weather strip .

Pest Control

Pest Control Services

A variety of natures creatures and insects often seek shelter and food by heading indoors.

Here at Siena our approach to the invasion of pests is as follows:

  • Prevention is #1 - keep all indoor living and working spaces free of food/drink/trash debris. Regular cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces will assist in discouraging the initial entry.
  • Spaces trespassed upon by common insects (ants, conifer seed bugs, flies, and bees) or pests (mice), can be substantially mininized and/or eradicated with treatments by Housekeeping staff, specifically training in the control of pest.
  • Should a student report bed bugs, the following protocol will take place:
    • The student will be referred to seek medical attention for confirmation by Health Services or a primary medical doctor.
    • A work order under Pest Control Services will be submitted to the Facilities Service Department.
    • A certified pest technician is dispatched to investigate within 24 hours. Siena has 3 certified pest technicains on staff in the Facilities Department.

  • If a positive confirmed case of bed bugs is identified, the following protocol will take place:
    • Resisdence Life is notified
    • The student removes all bedding, linens, and clothing around the affected area and properly cleans all items. Un-washable items should be inspected and treated in the appropiate manner by the student (bed bug protocol).
    • Facilities will remove and replace mattresses for all occupants of the associated area.
    • Facilities will provide the pest control remediation necessary to eliminate and deter the return of bed bugs
    • Facilities staff will re-inspect and re-apply pesticides as needed.
  • In the event that a pest issue arises, please contact the Facilities Work Request desk, to submit a request for Pest Control Service, at 783-2371 or email at






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