Claire Puccia Parham, Ph.D


Siena Hall 222A


Director's Page

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to a new school year. The fall has brought warm weather and the re-launching of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) formerly known as the Center for Faculty Excellence and Innovation (CFEI). Besides a name change, the center has undergone other changes in terms of programming and focus. Some of the successful programs from the past two years have been kept, while other new ones have been added.

The newsletter that was quarterly will now only be published in November and April. The Center will offer fewer more targeted workshops based on faculty suggestions. A new advisory group will be formed to assist the director in garnering information about faculty needs and in running workshops and other events.

Finally, the CTL and the Committee on Teaching and Faculty Development (COTFD) based on joint discussions decided to refocus and separate their missions with the exception of new faculty orientation. The CTL will focus on issues related to teaching and pedagogy and the COTFD will offer grants and programs related to faculty research.

Yours in teaching,