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Commuter Assistants


What is the Commuter Assistant Program?

The Commuter Assistant program is comprised of a core group of upperclassmen commuter students, who undergo a comprehensive training program, to serve as mentors to first year and transfer commuter students. Recognizing that the experience of a commuter student at Siena College is much different than that of a resident student, the Commuter Assistants (CAs) aim to provide guidance, mentorship and friendship to fellow commuter students. They work in partnership with the Office of Campus Programs & Student Activities and collaborate with other campus offices such as Academic Advising, Student Affairs, and more. The CAs assist with increasing the satisfaction, engagement and retention of commuter students. The CAs work with first year and transfer commuter students, and maintain a relationship with them throughout their time at Siena College. Each CA is assigned a small group of first year and transfer commuter students (therefore, every incoming new commuter student will be assigned a specific CA). Each CA will communicate and work with their small group members, as well as get to know the other incoming commuter students. The CAs will have specific times that they are available in the commuter student lounge- "lounge hours," so that the commuter students can stop by to see them. Each CA will also be responsible for programming throughout each semester, so that there are multiple opportunities for the incoming commuter students to take part in campus events, and commuter sponsored programs. Information about CA small group assignments will be made available approximately a week or two prior to the start of the semester.

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