Dr. Greg Byrnes

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley (2009)

Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Cincinnati


Comparative Biomechanics, General Biology, Writing and Research Skills for Biologists

Research Interests

Under Construction...


Representative Publications

Lim, N. T-L., X. Giam, G. Byrnes, and G. R. Clements. (2013) Occurrence of the Sunda colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) in the tropical forests of Singapore: A Bayesian approach. Mammalian Biology 78, 63-67.

Jayne, B.C., J.T. Baum, and G. Byrnes. (2013) Incline and peg spacing have interactive effects on the arboreal locomotor performance and kinematics of brown tree snakes, Boiga irregularisJournal of Experimental Biology 216, 3321-3331.

Byrnes, G. and B. C. Jayne. (2012) The effects of three-dimensional gap orientation on bridging performance and behavior of brown tree snakes (Boiga irregularis). Journal of Experimental Biology 215, 2611-2620.

Byrnes, G. and A. J. Spence. (2011) Ecological and biomechanical insights into the evolution of gliding in mammals. Integrative and Comparative Biology 51, 991-1001.

Byrnes, G., Libby, T., N. T.- L., Lim, and A. J. Spence. (2011) Gliding saves time but not energy in Malayan colugos. Journal of Experimental Biology 214, 2690-2696.

Byrnes, G., N. T.- L., Lim, C. Yeong, and A. J. Spence.  (2011) Sex differences in the locomotor ecology of a gliding mammal (Galeopterus variegatus). Journal of Mammalogy. 92, 444-451.

Byrnes, G. and B. C. Jayne.  (2010) Substrate diameter and compliance affect the gripping strategy and locomotor mode of climbing boa constrictors. Journal of Experimental Biology 213, 4249-4256.

Byrnes, G., N. T.- L., Lim, and A. J. Spence.   (2008) Take-off and landing kinetics of a free ranging gliding mammal, the Malayan colugo (Galeopterus variegatus). Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275, 1007-1013.

Dudley, R., G. Byrnes, S. P. Yanoviak,  B. Borrell, R.M. Brown, and J. A. McGuire. (2007) Gliding and the functional origins of flight: Biomechanical Novelty of Necessity? Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics  38, 179-201.