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Red Watch Band

Join the Red Watch Band!

Join the ranks of students saving lives at Siena and all across the nation!

Apply online today!
Complete your online application.  Class size is limited, so apply today.  The cost of the course is $20.00 (and covers the cost of full CPR certification.)  Please make your check payable to "Siena College" and drop it off to Amanda Deck in Room 303 of the Sarazen Student Union.

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The Red Watch Band Mission
The mission of the Red Watch Band is to provide campus community members with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent student toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect.  In short, the Red Watch Band mission is to save lives.

What's in it for you?

  • Be part of the solution!  Every year, across the nation, more than 1800 students die from the effects of toxic drinking.  94% of Siena students say they have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of other students.  Joining the Red Watch Band is the perfect way to put your words into action, and prevent alcohol-related injury and death.
  • Be a leader!  The Red Watch Band movement is a powerful active bystander approach, which trains students to be leaders in building a culture of care and respect.
  • Be a Saint!  Put Siena's values into action by learning how to help someone who has had too much to drink with compassion and respect for the person in trouble whether they are a good friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.
  • Be a life-long life-saver!  Learn CPR, a skill that will benefit you for a lifetime, because every second counts!

Do you know?
What are the signs someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning?

  1. When someone seems confused, is in a stupor, or cannot be awakened (incoherent and/or non-responsive) - You Need to Act!
  2. When someone is vomiting or is having seizures - You Need to Act!
  3. When someone is breathing slowly or showing signs of irregular breathing - You Need to Act!
  4. If someone's body temperature is too cold, the person is turning blue or is uncharacteristically pale in colore - You Need to Act!
  5. Alcohol can seriously and negatively interact with medication (including vitamin supplements and energy drinks)

What can happen to someone who is suffering from alcohol poisoning and doesn't receive help? 

  1. A person can choke on their vomit and suffer from dehydration from vomiting
  2. A person's breathing can slow, become irregular, or just stop
  3. A person's heartbeat can become irregular, slow down, or stop
  4. If someone has passed out that person is in serious danger of dying
  5. A person's body temperature can become too low
  6. A person can suffer from seizures if their blood sugar level goes too low
  7. A person who doesn't have an advocate when suffering from alcohol poisoning can eventurally develop brain damage, and if left untreated, die

What can you do to help someone who is suffering from alcohol poisoning?

  1. Be aware of what the danger signs are for alcohol poisoning
  2. Don't just watch and wait - all the signs of alcohol poisoning don't have to be present for the person to be in serious danger
  3. Call Public Safety for help.  Do not hesitate because you don't want to get your friend into trouble.  A person with alcohol poisoning IS already in trouble and EVERY SECOND COUNTS!
  4. Increase your knowledge and skills - Join the Red Watch Band!