Addiction and Re-Entry


Fr. Peter Young Housing, Industries, and Treatment

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Roarke Center of Catholic Charities

Located in Troy, NY, the center provides a range of activities that have the aim to improve the quality of life of its members, enable them to build self-esteem, provide social support and encourage them to achieve their full potential. Services that are available to the community include emergency assistance, food pantry, The Roarke Connection for women with legal issues or legal incarceration, medical services for the uninsured in cooperation with Seton Health, creative arts, creative writing, digital photography, sewing and weaving, adult literacy, computer literacy, and family budgeting assistance.

Specific Needs

  • Case management database
  • Need identification of best practice information for database info
  •  Re-entry best practices/ recidivism??
  • Client intake and retention
  • Life coach program recruitment and retention
  • Grant writing
  • Technology upgrading
  • Statistic gathering

Research Questions

  • What are best practices for indentifying information for database info?
  • What are best practices for re-entry and recidivism?
  • How can they best appeal to clients and increase their retention?